Is there day damage deposit that needs to be paid?
There is no "damage deposit" that needs to be paid on top of the rent and repaid after check-out. At check-in, an amount of US$ 500 will be reserved on the guest's credit card. When everything is confirmed ok after check-out, this will reservation will be released.

At booking, is there a contract that needs to be completed?
No, not at booking. Please see under booking / checking in. At checkin, you need to fill out and sign resort rules with terms. This also has standard terms regarding damage to the property. A copy of this can be found here.
A rental contract will be created if the guest wants that. For us the owners, settling the payment and signing the resort rules with terms, is enough.

How to make a booking / Check-in?
Please see the availability, price and booking section. How to make a booking is explained at the bottom there.

There is free parking right outside our condos.

Groceries nearby?
Practically at Vista Cay, you have Lake Cay Shopping Center. Here you find a very nice and Publix Supermarket. At time of writing, this is open 7-22 every day.
Closest 24 hour store is Walmart at 8101 S John Young Pkwy. About 10 minute drive, driving directions here.

Grocery delivery / pickup?
The Publix supermarket at Vista Cay offers grocery delivery service through Instacart. You can order this through the Instacart app, or website. Address to the condo's are 5000 Cayview Ave, 32819 Orlando FL. Unit 307, 403 or 408.
At writing, the cost is US$ 5.99 per delivery for orders above US$ 35. For orders between US$ 10 and 35, the cost is US$ 9.99 per delivery. Pickup is free, but minimum order is US$ 35.
Note : You have to be in-house when delivery is scheduled.

Restaurants / Bars nearby?
By the main pool area right outside our condo, you have a Tiki Bar selling light meals, soft drinks and drinks. 

At the same Lake Cay Shopping Center as mentioned above, you have several restaurants and bars. This is a few minutes drive, or a nice 500 yards walk here along the walkway along Lake Cay:

International Drive is 10 mile long, and considered heart of the tourist area in Orlando. At closest, this is less then a mile from our condos. You have a lot of restaurants along this street. Most at the part closest to Vista Cay, and North to Sand Lake Road.

Distance to attractions?
Please see our menu item Theme Parks

Linens / Towels?
There are both linens and towels for minimum the number of guests stated on the booking.

How does the cinema in the clubhouse work?
The information desk in the clubhouse has a book that works as a movie schedule. If you find a scheduled movie that you want to see, you are welcome to sit in on that movie. If you find a vacant timeslot, you can schedule a movie of your own wish. You can, for instance, rent this from the DVD rentals in the clubhouse. Other guests at Vista Cay can sit in on "your" movies as well. There is no fee for renting the cinema.

What is the cost of using the clubhouse amenities?
The amenities at the clubhouse are mostly free to use for every Vista Cay guest. That includes the cinema, state of the art fitness center. Outside the pools/jacuzzi are also free to use.
In the game room, you have to use tokens you buy in the clubhouse. This includes the "arcade machines", air hockey, pool table etc.

Cleaning / Fresh up cleaning?
Between every booking, our apartment is professionally cleaned by the staff at Millenium Management. The guest is not expected to clean the unit at departure.
You also have the option to order a fresh up cleaning for 30 US$ + Tax per time. You can order this as many time, and at your desired dates. This will be handled by our on-site partner Millenium Management. So you can take it with them, or through the owners.

Self Catering?
Yes, the unit is self-catering. So there will not be enough toilet paper, soap etc, for your entire stay. There will be a few items for the first day(s). As opposed to a hotel, there will be no daily cleaning. But you can order fresh up cleaning(s) if you desire, see above.

Which kitchen items etc can I expect to find in the apartment? What about other items that are present?
Our apartment is furnished according to the standards required by our on-site partner Millenium Management. For instance, the kitchen is fully equipped with glasses, mugs, knives, forks, plates, roasting pan, casseroles, coffee maker, tea boiler etc. See menu item "our apartment" for more info. Basically, you will find every item you need for preparing food and live in our condo. All these items required are checked, cleaning etc between every rental. So you can expect these to be present, working and clean. Please read here for a detailed list of inventory.
There might also be other "bonus items" in our condo. This is items left by other guests or the owners. Feel free to use them if they are working, clean etc. In writing, two strollers, a baby bed, pump for bath toys, bath towels and more are present. Feel free to use every item you find in the unit. Our on-site partner doesn't take responsibility for these "bonus items". So, unfortunately, we can't guarantee that they are present, working and clean.

Check-in / Checkout times?
Regular check-in time is 4 PM, check-out time is 10 AM. The reception is open 24/7, so no problem to arrive late or anything.

If you want early checkin, please inform us in advance. If our condo is vacant before your stay, we will make sure it's cleaned a day earlier. You can then check in as soon as you arrive.
If we have another guest checking out the same day, you can check in as soon as the condo is cleaned. If you pre-register in the clubhouse, you will be notified by text and e-mail. But given the time needed to clean the condo, much earlier than 4 PM shouldn't be expected.

Delayed checkout time can be arranged in several "steps" :

  • We usually only have to ask, to get an 11 AM checkout granted
  • If we have another guest arriving the same day, but they arrive 6 PM or later, a 1 PM checkout is granted
  • If we don't have any guest arriving, you can stay all day. We just clean the condo a later day.

If you want early checkin and/or delayed checkout, please notify us well in advance.

It's no problem to use the pool area while you wait for the condo to be cleaned, or after you have checked out. You can store your luggage in the clubhouse, if you want. There is toilets and showers in the clubhouse. And a Tiki bar selling light meals and drinks.

Shipping packages
Shipping packages for you to pick up in Orlando is easy, but you have to be a bit cautious. You will then be able to pick up the packages for instance during check-in. Here is the address that can be used :

Your name
c/o Millenium Management
4874 Cayview Ave
Orlando FL, 32819

Note: USPS deliveres packages to this address, but not letters. So you have to make sure it's sent as a package. UPS, FedEx etc can also be used.

Note: Max weight per package is 50 pounds (22.6 KG)

Note: There is a fee for receiving/storing packages. The first 5 lbs "combined weight" is free. For each lb above 5 lbs, a fee of .5 US$ + Tax is charged. For instance, two packages with a combined weight of 8 lbs, give a fee of 1.50 US$ + Tax.


  • A 250 US$ / minimum 10 % deposit is due three days after booking.
  • The remaining amount is due 30 days before check-in. If you have opted to pay by credit card to our partner Millenium Management, this remainder is automatically debited at the due date.
  • Both the deposit and remainder are non-refundable. (Expect if the remainder this is settled more than 30 days before check-in, and the booking is canceled more than 30 days before check-in. In that case, we will refund the remainder.)
  • If the deposit/remainder is not settled at due dates, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking.